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homemade body scrub

Posted on: February 6, 2011

Homemade brown sugar scrub. So easy to make and great for the skin!

Since I love making things from scratch and I highly dislike big prices I decided to finally make my own body scrub.

After searching online I have come up with my own recipe:

1/3 Turbinado brown sugar

1 tablespoon coffee grinds

1/3 cup almond glow brand coconut skin oil (you want one part oil, one part salt/sugar, this helps it be more of a polish than a scrub. do a 1/2 ratio of oil if you want more of a rough scrub but I think with the sugar I used a 1:1 ratio worked great, the sugar absorbed up all the oil and there wasn’t any left soaking at the bottom. Also make sure you get a body oil that already has Vitamin E in it)

a few drops of vanilla

1 tsp Vitamin E (try and get a body oil that has vitamin E if not buy and open some vitamin E capsules and mix them in)

I used the house brand of Sugar in the Raw, Turbinado brown sugar because I liked the texture better, it wasn’t as fine as other brown sugar and offered a more crystalized rub, like salt scrubs. Since it’s winter and my skin can get dry I wanted something that would help add moisture. I also wanted a sugar scrub instead of a salt scrub because it is more like a polish but I got the best of both worlds using the Turbinado sugar.

For the coffee grinds I substituted some instant coffee (some vanilla latte or something) I had left over from when my mother visited last fall. I don’t make coffee at home so it was an added saved expense to use what was in my cupboard. I added the coffee because the caffeine is supposed to be good for cells and awakening them and  even fighting/preventing cellulite.

I used regular cooking vanilla for a scent instead of essential oil b/c all of the essential oil I wanted were pretty expensive (um like forty bucks for tiiiiiny thing). And thinking about it I’m looking for function not another girly smell for my man-filled bathroom (did I mention I live with four guys?).

Looking back next time I will probably not add the vanilla or add more since the scent didn’t really come through, but again, I’m looking for function not girly smell. Also, I used a coconut scented almond oil so adding the vanilla didn’t really seem necessary. I will probably also add more coffee next time, which I would recommend if you want more of a coffee aroma.

Lastly, after using it in the shower before shaving I also used the exfoliant on my lips! Best tasting exfoliant ever! The dry wind and horrible east coast winter weather really does a number on your lips and skin. This totally helped! My legs felt smoother, lips smoother (and sexier) and overall I am happy with my homemade sugar scrub!

Use it in the shower before your next date or for yourself to help make your legs feel sexier!



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