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I love cats, too, but… will be a lil sore if this woman’s dating life is better than mine.

D.C. bar serves up 48-oz martini
By Lauren Abdel-Razzaq

Is so big it will actually not be served for solo drinkers.

Hold on to your liver and prepare for the ultimate drink at the end of a bad work week: The Big Dirty, a 48-oz martini.

Consisting of six to eight regular martinis, the Big Dirty sells for $79.99 at downtown D.C.’s Dirty Martini bar.

But don’t think you’ll be consuming one on your own. The bar maintains it’s meant to be shared with friends.

The Big Dirty, a 48-oz martini, towers above the table at Dirty Martini in NW D.C. (Dirty Martini)“It’s definitely a group thing,” said Dirty Martini marketing director Katie Asprovski. “I don’t even think we could serve it to one person.”

Since the Connecticut Avenue restaurant’s debut of this happy hour concoction three weeks ago, Asprovski says they sell eight of them a night.

In case you were thinking of ordering one to drink by yourself — or making your own Big Dirty — you may want to reconsider.

If a 120-pound woman consumed, in an hour, the amount of alcohol in a Big Dirty, she would have a blood alcohol content high enough to cause confusion, vomiting and possibly induce coma, according to a Stanford University report. A 180-pound man consuming the same amount of alcohol in the same time period would experience blurred vision, nausea and loss of motor control.

And that’s one way to make a bad work week worse.

Paying the check on the first date-- dealbreaker?

I like to joke that I have a gay man inside of me, but this doesn’t mean I understand a thing about men. Maybe I cannot relate to straight men because they are easily confused by shiny things.

This new category is dedicated to all the advice I receive from my straight guy friends (taken or not).

#1 If the guy does not pay for dinner DO NOT accept a second date.

I was most surprised to hear this advice from some of my more err bro guy friends. This is a piece of advice that is consistent from all my straighties. Apparently if a guy doesn’t pay for dinner on the first date (no one is saying he has to always foot the bill) he’s just not that into you.

What do you think? Do you agree?

ryerye: pour me a scotch

me: yes!


ryerye: andddd get me a watch

me: k. you get me a BMW

= black man working

i am so tired of guys not being adults. geez. C’s friend msgd me and it had the word boner in it. this is an ivy league educated guy, mind you

who is making his first impression and he makes it by saying boner


ryerye: lol

me: i want an adult male!!

ryerye: luckily women r nothing but mature always

me: LOL

blah. i’m giving up.

i’m going to the pet store this weekend and getting three cats

and a large tub of ben and jerrys with a side of papa johns

ryerye: YES PLZ

Introducing my friend ryerye. He’s full of tongue-n-check and sarcastic comments.

me:  what are you doing?

you missed shopping.

i had to eat subway b/c there was no one to encourage me to eat bad chinese food

ryerye:  lol


i slept til 1230

ive been so behind

how was it?

whad u buy

me:  a few cute work things

and girly make up things

i want to go back b/c the teen section had some cute shell tops

theyd look good with a jacket

and then go to hh and take off jacket and then viola

what are you going to do tonight?

i need someone to help me replace the filter in my ac

hint hint

ryerye:  lol

uhhhh, not sure


me:  tonight

i was gonna wish away all my fat

and clean and watch movies

ryerye:  LOL

u have no fat to wish away

dont be frontin

me:  LOL

I hope that the man of my dreams serenades me with this…

This was the poem that was read at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Reading it leaves me with that humbling feeling of love and I think it is a very beautiful expression of amor.

The author wrote the poem after the death of his girlfriend. “I transmitted a message to her which I had failed to deliver when I’d had the chance,” said the author in his 1998 memoir.

I think that point makes it all the more beautiful to read at a wedding ceremony.

The daily routine of life can blind us to the opportunities and chances to show and express love.

Here is to love making all of our lives more enriched and worthy.

The life that I have by Leo Marks

The life that I have
Is all that I have
And the life that I have
Is yours

The love that I have
Of the life that I have
Is yours and yours and yours.

A sleep I shall have
A rest I shall have
Yet death will be but a pause
For the peace of my years
In the long green grass
Will be yours and yours and yours.


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